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Public Records

Beverly Hills Public Records & Court Document Search & Retrieval

IBRC provides extensive public record and court document search and retrieval services to attorneys, businesses and private individuals.  This service is available throughout Beverly Hills, Los Angles county, and all of Southern California.

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Verifies that the Social Security Number provided by applicant is valid and was issued by the Social Security Administration, and that the applicant is reporting this as his/her number. Also, may provide current or prior address information not listed on the application, as well as any other names the applicant may use. Could also reveal that the number is not reported as belonging to the applicant, and even if the number is reported as belonging to a deceased individual. This search will also provide any other names associated with the applicant’s social security number.


Department of Motor Vehicles’ report of traffic violations, convictions or accidents. This report will show drunk driving, reckless driving, outstanding traffic warrants, suspensions, penal code violations, probations and/or revocations. It may also reveal the applicant’s full name, as well as verify his/her date of birth and physical description. It may also reveal activity in other states when the California driver’s license has been surrendered to obtain a new one.

The purpose of this portions of the search helps provide insight into the applicant’s ability to be responsible, identifies any alcohol or drug problems, determines whether the applicant failed to appear in court or neglected to pay fines, and determines if his/her license was suspended, restricted, or has expired. This search is extremely important when hiring an individual for a driving position. Failure to check driving records may result in negligent hiring litigation. The same risk exists if a position requires driving for company errands. An organization can be held liable for automobile accidents whether in a personal or company vehicle. The applicant’s full name, date of birth, driver’s license number, and the state of issue will ensure an accurate report.


Provides all vehicles currently registered to the applicant at a specific address.


A search that provides a history of the employee’s work-related injuries that have been filed by past employers. This post-job offer allows you to rescind a conditional job offer under the strictest guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, 1990). In some states, where information is no longer accessible for the past seven years, we will offer the best information possible.


This search provides insight into the applicant’s ability to be responsible, based on financial history. Since previous addresses and employment are part of the report, they can be cross-referenced with information provided by the applicant. Any aliases utilized by the applicant may also surface. The report indicates the applicant’s credit history as recorded in the files of national reporting agencies.

Of particular concern to a potential employer are residential addresses and prior employers that may be reflected in this report, but not listed by the applicant. Financial difficulties would also be uncovered.


A search, by county or district, at the Municipal, Superior or Federal court levels for lawsuits filed by or against the applicant (plaintiff or defendant). These lawsuits can sometimes reveal information regarding the applicant’s past activities and business ethics, wrongful discharge suits against former employers, breach of contracts, etc.

In this day and age of wrongful termination, discrimination, and sexual harassment litigation, this search is recommended to uncover a history of fraudulent lawsuits. Please provide the applicant’s full name, any aliases utilized, and areas where the applicant resided, worked, or attended school as an adult.


Felony and misdemeanor records search for convictions by county. We search by county for both misdemeanor and felony convictions.

Two unfortunate realities for today’s employers are workplace violence and negligent hiring litigation. By investigating an applicant’s criminal background, companies can avoid workplace violence, and can also prove to a court of law that they have exercised their due diligence in the hiring process.

Information regarding the applicant’s full name, aliases utilized, date of birth, and residential/business addresses are required to develop accurate records.

Federal Courts can also be searched for criminal violations of Federal Laws.


Provides information on wants or warrants on the applicant. Please note, enforcement may contact the requester.


A search by state for bankruptcies; by county for state and federal tax liens and releases; civil and small claim judgments and satisfactions; foreclosures; notices of default, and unlawful detainers. This search is sometimes done instead of running the consumer credit report.


Verification of professional licenses claimed by the applicant, including license type, date of issue, expiration date, and current status. In some instances, depending on the type of professional license, information is obtained regarding workers’ compensation and bond coverage. Please provide the applicant’s name, any aliases utilized, the type of license, the state where the license was issued, and, if available, the professional license number. This search will determine if the applicant’s professional license is authentic, active or suspended, and discover any complaints, suspensions, or revocations filed against the license.


Leave this time-consuming and frustrating task to us. We will verify employment at companies listed by the applicant. This check verifies dates of employment, position, supervisor, last salary earned, eligibility for re-hire, and reason for leaving by contacting either the personnel department or the former supervisors. References can also be obtained. Please provide the applicant’s full name, social security number, and fully completed employment application (dates, locations, supervisor names, etc.)


Verifies the level of educational achievement, the place of education, type of degree, dates of attendance, and date of graduation. Please obtain the full name utilized by the applicant while attending school, his/her social security number, the location of the school, the year graduated, and information regarding the degrees/certificates received to ensure accurate results. Please note, occasionally the applicant’s signature may be required. Also, in some instances, this search may determine if a degree has been withheld due to financial obligations to the school.


Interviews with personal references provided by the applicant, including former fellow workers. Includes all information collected on the character of the applicant, based on the interaction with the references provided. This provides our clients with information as to how their applicants are perceived by others who know them, have worked with them, or who have done business with them.


Verifies branch of service, dates of service and character of discharge.


Verifies, through the California Secretary of State’s Office, affiliations the applicant may have/had with California corporations, in the capacity of officers, directors, or agents for service of process.


Verifies any type of UCC filings the applicant may have on record with the California Secretary of State’s Office, i.e., financing statements, state tax liens, etc.


Verifies any fictitious business name filings in which the applicant is/was listed as the owner.


Verifies the existence of a city business licenses issued to the applicant and/or their business.


Verifies if the applicant was issued a sales tax permit for a business that is/was required to pay state sales tax.


The Occupational Safety & Health Administration reports on the status of safety and hazard matters of individuals and companies in the medical, dental, automotive, and construction business. Pending complaints are also reported.


Provides information on a business’ credit history, lines of credit, types of credit, and overall payment history, including length of time past due, and amounts past due.

If you do not see a search category listed above, please contact us as the above list does not include all searchable categories.


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