Beverly Hills Private Investigators

We are a full-service firm of licensed private investigators covering the Beverly Hills area of southern California and beyond. All our investigators are either active or retired law enforcement detectives to ensure you of the highest possible level of service at all times.

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Personal Protection

Beverly Hills Executive Protection & Bodyguards

Situations in our life can change at a moments notice. Sometimes those situations can cause danger and sometimes that danger may get too close to home. Whether it is your place of business, your home or a social event, there may be a time when you require the security and protection of a retired cop. Our Beverly Hills bodyguards and executive protection specialists will provide you with the best in protection that can only come with experience. IBRC’s bodyguards have provided protection for judges, deputy district attorneys, celebrities, sports figures, business executives, and endangered witnesses.

IBRC provides retired law enforcement officers for necessary services such as:

    • Executive Protection
    • Executive Escort Service
    • Visiting Dignitary Protection
    • Celebrity and VIP Protection
    • Corporate Security (layoffs, hostile terminations)
    • Corporate Meeting Security
  • Hostile Client Situations
  • Threat and Stalking Cases
  • Cargo Protection
  • Special Event Security
  • Threat Assessment
  • Security Consulting

All of IBRC bodyguards & protection specialists are licensed and have permits to carry concealed weapons.


Please Note: IBRC offers their Executive Protection and Bodyguard Services only when the services are in conjunction with an ongoing investigation.


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